The confusion is KILLING me!!

So here I am, trying to figure out how to navigate this new website…

I swear to all that is holy, that I would much rather deal with back to back deployments, then all of this crap!

I have absolutely NO idea, how to manage this site, or customize it properly. NO clue what a friggin’ “widget”is, and no idea where my “link to FB” button just went!!

I really have to apologize.. This is just so damn CONFUSING!!

There are so many “things” that you have to do, when you first start a blog. Like what in the bloody hell is a freaking “theme”, and how do I manipulate this shit to work?!

I am dead serious when I say that I would much rather deal with a “kit explosion”, or the never ending “Honey I can’t find my ______, have you seen it??”, a thousand times, than deal with how to throw this site together..

I am most definitely NOT a programmer, I have no idea what “code” means, or how to get various buttons and components to work. This is seriously making me want to pull out my hair, and down the biggest bottle of booze, I can find!

Maybe by the end of March, I’ll have figured all of this out. LOL

In the meantime I hope you stick around, while this gets figured out. I promise I won’t just bitch about this, I’ll probably rant, rave and laugh like a lunatic about a whole assortment of random ridiculousness!!

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