Silence, is sometimes GOLDEN:

Since becoming a Military Spouse, I have joined Facebook Groups, directly related to/or specifically for Military Wives/Spouses.

I know that there are great people, and a lot of help on these sites, but sometimes I also have to shake my head in wonderment. Simply because I read stuff that should NEVER be posted on ANY type of SOCIAL MEDIA. Mostly about specific deployments, units, specific jobs, etc. While I realize that these groups are designed to HELP, sometimes the information given can be detrimental to our soldiers and our families. These are things that should be discussed in the privacy of ones own home, at the local MFRC, or within a SECURED means of  communication. I also realize that sometimes things get said by newcomers; who haven’t really learned the “ins and outs”, of being a Military family. (I mean, who hasn’t been the new kid on the proverbial block, before?)

So here is so advice from a “seasoned” Military Wife on the Rules of Deployment.


Deployment dates or Redeployment dates.

Reveal camp locations, including nearby cities.

Convoy routes or missions, your Loved One has been on or is going on.

Information on missions, capabilities or morale of your Soldiers Unit.

Details concerning security procedures, response times or tactics.

Equipment or lack thereof, this includes training equipment.

Speculation about future missions.

Count down or Count up days.

Don’t pass around rumors…. I know how the rumor train likes to go full steam ahead… But just don’t jump on that train;  it never ends well, and you could pass on wrong information or end up saying something that could actually get back to your Soldiers CoC, and get them and you in a whole lot of hot water, and nobody wants that to happen..EVER!

NEVER EVER POST CASUALTY INFORMATION!!  Look, I know that you want to give your condolences, sympathies and prayers to the Fallen’s Families.. But PLEASE WAIT, until that information has been made public knowledge. The Fallen’s Family, may not have been notified yet.

As for PHOTOS:

Don’t post anything that could be misconstrued or that could be used for propaganda purposes. Utilize your best judgement by asking yourself a series of questions.

IE: Does it show your Soldiers name? Does it give out location of your Soldier? Does it in ANYWAY give out the name of your Soldiers Unit? Could it possibly be misconstrued and used against the Military and/or your Soldier in any way? (Pictures of a child being carried away from a blast site HAVE been used to create the wrong impression and used to mislead the public, before.)

Ask your Soldiers PERMISSION, before you post a picture of your Soldier in uniform. S/He may not want a picture of them in uniform, on location etc, posted on social media. If you do post that kind of picture, black out any identifiers, such as name, rank, unit, landmarks etc.


It is our duty to make responsible decisions in regards to the type of information that we post, and it is our duty to help enable the SAFE RETURN HOME, of our Soldiers!!

Be wise peeps. It’s really just a matter of common sense.

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