Posting Season… It’s starting!

Everybodys’ favourite season is here, Spring. If you are Military, you know this means the start of the regular posting Season.

For some of us, we love it. The possibility of being “posted out”, or “posted to a new base”, means the start of a new adventure. New town, new people, new things to see, do and try. New friendships. Just excitement in general. For others, we hate it. It’s stressful, with packing and moving, trying to find new doctors and dentists, trying to learn our way around a new town, finding the MFRC, trying to find childcare, leaving behind our established friendships. (I personally love it, I’m a bit of a Gypsy and love new adventures.)

Regardless of whether you love it or loath it, “Posting Season”, is a very real part of our lives, as members of the Military Community.  There are a lot of things to consider, buying a home versus renting off base, or renting a PMQ  (aka “Q”), painting our new residences, the actual move, after our House Hunting Trip (aka HHT) and a whole host of other issues that arise from it. I have been scouring information to try and find ways to make this stressful time a little bit easier. In my pursuit to forage useful information, I stumbled across some useful apps, and today, I’m going to pass this info, on to you!

If you have decided to purchase a home at your new Posting, the REALTOR app is an amazing app, to help you locate your new digs. It’s free to download, and you can search through hundreds of listings from across the Country and within the MLS System listings. Whether you are looking for a single family home, a condo, town house, they have you covered! Even if you have decided to rent off base, Realtor can be used to also search for various types of rental properties as well. You can use it to find open houses, save your searches, find agents, and check out the Walk Score. This app also has a mortgage calculator, to help you estimate your potential mortgage payments, on your favourite listings!

After you have found your perfect new home, check out MAGIC PLAN. This is another awesome free app, that will help make your life easier. This app will help you plan and design the rooms of your new home. MagicPlan does just that by measuring your rooms, from just a picture! By the way? If you decided to build your dream home, this app will be a godsend to you. You can use the app to create floor plans and work estimates. Add objects,annotations, photos and attributes to generate a complete report or cost estimate.

Now for the actual packing and moving, here are a couple of good apps to help take the headache out of the whole process.

SORTLY is a free app on IOS. This app will help make your packing days less chaotic. This app has been featured on Forbes and Huffington Post. This app will helps you create an inventory of everything you own, allowing you to create folders within the app, as well as sub-folders to keep track of what items are packed in each box. You can add pictures and videos to help with visually document items and it allows you to create specific and unique QR labels for each box. You can make lists as well, and then transfer the lists to Evernote, or export and print them off. this application is an excellent way to help maintain your possessions and identify items that get lost during transit. (Who hasn’t had that happen before?! I sure have..ugh)

MOVING PLANNER, lets you become a moving pro! This app helps you plan your move four to six weeks in advance, and provides a built-in checklist of all the tasks needed for a successful move. This app is free for Android users. For IOS users, a similar app is available for $1.39, and is called Moving Checklist Pro. It helps helps organize tasks, comes with pre-loaded list of more than 210 moving-related items and offers a 100% refund, if you don’t like the app.

Once you have finally moved into your new home, and the unpacking and settling in has started, perhaps you have taken a look around and decided that you want to freshen up the colour of your walls. Or maybe you’ve been in your home for a while, and just want to try out a new colour for Spring. This app;  COLOR CAPTURE,  is just what you have been looking for! Color Capture is like a Shazam for colours, and will help you match any colour around you, with a Benjamin Moore Paint. With over 3300 paint colours, the app is sure to find you an identical match to help bring your inspiration and artistic side to life!  The app lets you create custom colour combinations and helps you locate the nearest Benjamin Moore store, in your area. If you are so inclined, the app also has features which allow you to share your custom colours on Facebook and Twitter, plus you can take advantage of the apps built in QR reader. Free for both Android and IOS.

So now we come to the very last app, I’ve found. The app is called WAYFAIR.  It is the perfect alternative for shopping, when you can’t find the perfect home store, in your new town. With, you can shop through hundreds of home decor and furniture options. This app allows you to take advantage of the next big bargain, through exclusive sales. Allowing you to save up to 70% on your purchases, and offering free shipping on orders of $49 or more. This is a free app for Android.

I hope that this article has been helpful to all my fellow MilSpouses, I know I wish these kinds of tools had have been available for our first posting, I know they would have been a HUGE help! I definitely know that I’ll be using them for future postings!

Color Capture app however, I’ll be using immediately! We have been wanting to paint our new home, and I loath looking through hundreds of paint samples for that perfect colour.

Have a FANTASTIC day, everyone!

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