Just because I’m a MilSpouse, doesn’t make me special, or entitled….

Hey all! Yeah I know its been a bit, since I last posted something. It is what it is, life just gets in the way sometimes. As I’m sure by now you’ve come to realize what today’s post is all about.

Now their are people out there, that will have a way different opinion on this particular topic. There are those that seem to feel/think, that as MilSpouses, we should have a whole host of things given to us for free. I guess I’m completely old school on this on, I don’t believe or think that as a Military Spouse, we should have free services or commodities. I also get really pissed off with the newer generation of spouses, whom seem to think that Military equals free everything, or at the very least, a discount on stuff. Yes there are indeed SOME perks to being a Military Spouse, and yes there are some things that we do get a discount on, or are free for us. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that those specific perks are fantastic. It is nice when a local business, decides to offer specials for those of us with Soldier spouses, as a Thank You for their service to our Country.

But what I don’t agree with, is this way of thinking in terms of ..”my Spouse is serving this Country, therefore I want everything free or discounted, because I’m ENTITLED”.. I think y’all need a wake up call, honestly. Yes your Spouse is a serving Member, believe me I get it. (I have one of my own, lets not forget) But what I think that this newer generation is forgetting, is that their Spouse is doing this job ¬†VOLUNTARILY. Without asking for any special treatment, in return. So if a person decides to join and voluntarily serves their country, with no other pretense then, they love their Country and want to maintain its and YOUR freedom… How does this portray into you as the MilSpouse, deserving to have a discount, or getting free shit? I mean think about it… You aren’t really doing anything to deserve “special” treatment, its your Spouse who is giving up one hell of a lot, to do this job for a Country they love. YOU aren’t entitled to jackshit. I think y’all need to remember that.

Now I am completely prepared for the backlash I’ll most likely receive on this, but hey… I never said I was an overly “nice” individual, with a standard opinion. I’m mouthy, brash, opinionated, but that’s besides the point.

I’m sure I will hear all sorts of pissed of wives, telling me that we as spouses ARE entitled.. And that’s great, voice your opinion as you should. But what you need to remember is that, it is your Spouse who has signed on to give their lives if necessary. Not you. If a particular commodity is being offered for free or at a discount for the serving member and their spouse/family, that is awesome! Or if something is only free or discounted because they are away on tour, that’s awesome too… But to have a mindset that just about everything should be free or discounted, is ridiculous. That is not how life works, I’m sorry to say. Now before y’all get your knickers in a twist, I also understand how hard it is financially when you are a one income household, because you’re a SAHM (stay at home mom), or because the job market is lousy, or you went back to school, or because of an illness or whatever the reason is. I also know how great it is and how thankful you feel, when you DO get something free or discounted. It is an AWESOME perk, as I stated earlier. However, you shouldn’t automatically ASSUME that you are entitled or SHOULD be entitled to a damn thing. Because you aren’t.


The ONLY things you are entitled to are;

  1. The UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of your spouse, children and family.
  2. The support of other MilSpouses, if and when you need someone to talk to , who has been through whatever you are currently going through.
  3. The services offered through your local MFRC.

That’s it, that’s all. Yes I am sure by now, you must think I’m one of the biggest bitches out there… But I am honestly not. I’m realistic, and definitely old school, when it comes to being a Military Wife. You roll up your sleeves, and figure your Goat Rodeo out, herd those damn goats, and get your shit in line. Without looking for “handouts”.

If you are having a hard skate financially, talk to your local SISIP branch. They can help you figure out a budget. Stop thinking that you need to buy that Michael Kors handbag, and buy one from Walmart.. Clip coupons, grow your own veggies and fruits in the summer. Learn how to can. Look into starting a ‘Swap” group, for clothing and accessories…

Be thankful for the discounts that you might get, or the odd free service we get.. BUT PLEASE, STOP this ludicrous line of thinking, that because you are a MilSpouse, you are entitled to free shit. You aren’t. If anybody should be entitled to free shit, it should be the ones putting their lives at risk for your safety and freedom, and that of our Country.

Stop being an “Entitled Twat”.

Thanks for taking the time to read this piece today, if I’ve offended you, stop for a moment, and ask yourself why, this post pissed you off. Take a good look at yourself and consider that maybe it pissed you off, because you have this particular sense of entitlement. If it pissed you off, simply because I used a few “harsh” words, lighten up.

If on the other hand, you get a giggle out of what I’ve written today.. Perhaps it’s because you have the same mindset that I do.

Regardless, I hope that you can save some face, retain your grace and be that strong, loving supportive spouse, your Soldier needs you to be.

Have a great day, y’all!

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