I’m Slightly Cranky Today..

Hey all. I know it’s been a while since I have written anything, and I do apologize for it.

Sometimes, we all get really busy, life gets in the way, or for us writers, we have our own special kind of hell, called writers block. Writers block really sucks monkey nuts, not kidding. When writers block happens, it’s like a swift kick in the butt, with a frozen mukluk. We have brilliant ideas, but when we put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, the story freezes up. In our heads, it has all sorts of meat on the bones, and travels in our heads. Spinning out in our imaginations. But when you try to get the words to flow, they refuse. Instead, the words stand with their backs to you. Or they flip you off, which is usually what happened in my case.

At any rate, I’m here now and that’s all that really matters, right?

So a little while ago, it came to my attention, that we as spouses are being judged, and very harshly. On what, you ask? On wearing our spouses unit shirts, jackets and sweats.

Evidently we are ferociously laughed at behind our backs. Not only by other wives, but also by our spouses workmates. These narrow minded fools, think it’s hilarious that us wives love and support our spouses so much, not to mention that we are so ridiculously proud of what they do, that we like to wear this apparel as a show of love.

Now I really don’t see what the big deal is, or what is so damn hilarious, about us wives (and hubbies), wanting to wear our spouses sweat shirts, or PT t’s. Personally I see no reason to be so cruel and callous as to laugh at love, proudness and support.

Spouses of firemen and policemen wear their S/O’s gear. Hell they even make specific windbreakers etc, for the wives and/or family members to purchase. So what the hell is the big deal about, if WE choose to? Why is it so funny, and why the HELL, do these assholes, feel the need to laugh at those of us that do wear the t-shirt, or sweater out while running errands, or while we lounge around our homes, or whatever? Seriously does the conversation go like this? ..”Diana guess who I saw wearing her husbands unit t-shirt today, at the bakery? Susie!” ..”Are you serious, Georgette?”.. “Absolutely, Diana… Can you just die? I mean really…. Like we don’t already know which unit her man is with, really… It’s not like he is special because of it…” ..” Oh my god, I know right, Georgette.. Talk about embarrassing, what a loser she is.. That girl needs to get over herself..” (insert obnoxious and cruel laughter here..)

Or does it go like this between the guys? ….” Yo, Tom! Saw yer ol’lady sportin’ yer PT shirt, the other day…. Man that’s hilarious.. does she think she is part of the unit too? What a stunned c*&$t.. (cruel laughter)”… “Hey Paulie, did ya see what Tom’s wife had on the other day? Yeah that’s right, his old basic sweatshirt! Doesn’t she have something else to wear?….Jesus Tommy.. Ya don’t let her go shopping for clothes or what? Why is she always sporting unit gear?.. Should we start calling her Private? (insert cruel laughter here)..”

Seriously this kind of behaviour REALLY PISSES ME OFF.. What is the big freaking deal about it, anyways? Can a wife not wear her husbands shirts, anymore? Why is it so wrong, and why does it constitute cruel behaviour, if she does? Why are these people so narrow minded and petty? Do the people that laugh at the spouse in question feel “miffed”, because their spouse doesn’t do something cute like that? Maybe their spouse has never done anything like that? Are they that jealous, that they have to resort to being assholes? Perhaps they are upset because THEIR spouses doesn’t support them and their dedication to their country. Perhaps THEIR spouses, are the type that just constantly put the military down, and harp on their hubbies, about the jobs they do. About the time away from home, or because they missed an important date or whatever else it might be.. Or because they are constantly bitching at their husbands, and demanding that their husbands find a way out of whatever type of deployment is coming up. Or they demand that their spouse “talk to the padre”, so they can stay home.

Whatever the pathetic excuse or reasoning is, behind the cruelty, it needs to stop.

Why? Because we are a community, that takes enough shit from the  “Civvie” world as it is, and we are a community like no other. Instead of tearing people down, or apart over something so small like a proud and loving wife, wearing her Soldier’s t-shirt, maybe y’all might want to reconsider it, and realize that the wife wearing that unit shirt? Maybe her man is away right now, fighting to maintain your fucking freedom, and she misses him terribly. Maybe she is just so damn proud of what he does, and loves him so much, that she is just trying to show it, in a way that only other Military people can understand. (Because lets face it, nobody outside of the Military community knows what the hell the unit is, or what they do, or their damn emblem.. I mean seriously!)

How about instead of laughing at that proud spouse, you smile at her? (or him?)

How about you acknowledge the fact that she really loves him, and is supporting her Soldier, in one of the few ways we have?

And how about that Soldier’s buddies, stop being jealous dickheads, and feel proud? Why proud, you ask? Because, that wife in her hubby’s shirt? She is not only showing support for her Soldier, but for the ENTIRE Unit, and Military in general. That means she is showing her support for you Tom, you too Paulie.

The next time you see a spouse, in their Soldier’s old uni gear, smile and remember that our Men and Women deserve every last shred of support, they get.

Even if it comes in the form of a spouse, wearing that hideous grey, issued sweatshirt from Basic training.

I promise when next I write, it won’t be to bitch. I’ll have something either informative, or hilarious to share!

Now then, I hope you all have a great long weekend, and a fantastic Easter!

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