Murphy’s Law

Hey All!

Today, I’m gonna talk about Murphy’s Law.

As a MilSpouse, we joke about Murphy’s Law, more than most people do. However, the joking is only a half assed attempt at joking.

Murphy’s Law, really does exist!

It. Does. Exist!

Now I’ve always been rather lucky when it comes to Murphy’s Law, and used to have a chuckle at those whom dealt with it, when their spouses were away.

I sincerely regret that!

Apparently this time around, was my turn to endure Murphy.

In the past, anytime my Hubster has been away, I’ve never really had anything go “tits up”.

Some people experience appliances, electronics, or vehicles shitting the bed. I had never experienced anything like that.

The worst I had ever experienced, was our dog getting loose, and wreaking havoc on the neighbourhood. Lol

Well, not this time around. Oh no.

Nope this time Murphy and his bullshit Law, decided to take a proverbial crap, all over me. Lol


Its been pretty cold here recently, which isn’t surprising when you consider that I live in North Eastern Ontario, and it’s now November.

Well here’s where Murphy decided to rear his ugly little head…

Back in the summer, we took a trip to the States, for a camping vacation. We had a blast, however the start of our trip sucked big time.

We had packed up my truck Stella-Jean, and set off on our “no plans” vacation. Everything was going smoothly for the first hour. Then we a had one instance that pissed me off, and set the stage for Murphy to show up, a couple of days ago.

As we were driving down the highway, a big old 18 wheeler passed us, going the opposite direction. Well goddamned if a big ol’ rock didn’t come flying off of his tires, and smack my windshield. It sounded like a gunshot, and I’ll be honest here, I peed a little.

I freaked out, because I was sure that this rock had damaged my truck. She’s my baby, ok?

Hubster was certain that the rock bounced off either the door frame, or the roof and no damage happened. I didn’t believe him, because I know that any flying rock is going to cause some type of damage, whether it’s a dent, scratch or broken window.

Well as luck would have it, it hit my windshield. It was by happenstance that I noticed it at all, because it was low towards the bottom and on the passenger side.

It put me in a rather foul mood for a bit, and I was ready to give up on the whole damn trip right then and there.

Well Hubster, convinced me that we were fine, and would get the chip repair kit, when we got to a camp site in Quebec. The chip looked worse on the inside than it actually was, on the outside. So I agreed to continue on.

And this is where it came back to bite me in the ass…

We forgot all about it, by the time we got to the campsite. We were too busy with unloading, and setting up camp for the night.

And so it continued throughout the entire trip.

When we got back to Canada, almost two weeks later, we remembered the stone chip, only because my Father in Law pointed it out.. I vowed to get it fixed when we got home.

Well guess what? Yup, you guessed it…

I forgot all about it again.

So here’s where that forgetfulness and Murphy come into play …

As I said earlier, it’s November, and it was blistering cold here for a couple of days  I’m talking -25 Celsius.

I needed to make a run into town, and because I’ve got both vehicles at home, I had been using the car more than Stella-Jean.

I decided I’d take her into town. It was freezing out, so I went out, and started her up, making sure to turn the defroster up nice and hot.

Remember, I’ve completely forgotten about the chip in my windshield  … Can you guess what happened? Yup: freezing cold air + hot air + chip in windshield = cracked windshield..

That stupid chip, decided to crack. The crack in my windshield is not bad, but it’s bad enough. It isn’t quite as long as the wiper blade, and it didn’t crack all the way across to the drivers side, so she can still be driven legally, but; it cracked, and now I have to replace my damn windshield.

And of course it happened while my Dear Hubster is away, it wouldn’t be Murphy’s Law if he was home.

Now most would say that’s not Murphy at work, that it’s my own forgetfulness that caused it. Now you wouldn’t be wrong, but you also aren’t right. See the way Murphy works, is there has to be some underlining issue to make it possible for him to rear his ugly head, when our spouse is away.

In my case, it was a stupid stone chip. (Which I could’ve fixed for under $12, and now it’s gonna cost me a couple of hundred.  Ugh)

The fact is, we have had cold days and nights, BEFORE Hubster left.  And she didn’t crack then, oh no…

Nope Murphy waited until Hubster was gone, to make an appearance. Because that’s how Murphy’s Law works.

So now, I must wait until Hubster is home, before I take Stella in to get her fixed up.

I truly am sorry, for ever laughing at other spouses run ins with Murphy, and thinking how awesome I was because, Murphy had never shown up on my doorstep.

I can now take my shameful place among the rest of Murphy’s victims..

To other MilSpouses; I’m sorry I laughed at your misfortune.

To Murphy; I’m not pleased to make your acquaintance..

Ps: Hey Murphy, 🖕🏼



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