Murphy’s Law

Hey All! Today, I’m gonna talk about Murphy’s Law. As a MilSpouse, we joke about Murphy’s Law, more than most people do. However, the joking is only a half assed attempt at joking. Murphy’s Law, really does exist! It. Does. Exist! Now I’ve always been rather lucky when it comes to Murphy’s Law, and used…Read more Murphy’s Law

After The Deployment Ends

So the other day my Hubster and I were having a conversation about what happens to the family dynamic, when a spouse comes home, after a deployment. (This includes a training exercise.) Now I have talked about this subject before, and have  given some pretty sound advice and resources that are available. With that being…Read more After The Deployment Ends

I’m Slightly Cranky Today..

Hey all. I know it's been a while since I have written anything, and I do apologize for it. Sometimes, we all get really busy, life gets in the way, or for us writers, we have our own special kind of hell, called writers block. Writers block really sucks monkey nuts, not kidding. When writers…Read more I’m Slightly Cranky Today..

Just because I’m a MilSpouse, doesn’t make me special, or entitled….

Hey all! Yeah I know its been a bit, since I last posted something. It is what it is, life just gets in the way sometimes. As I'm sure by now you've come to realize what today's post is all about. Now their are people out there, that will have a way different opinion on…Read more Just because I’m a MilSpouse, doesn’t make me special, or entitled….